Hi I'm Shaaban, I'm a (UX Designer).
(UX Designer)  I'm passionate about human-centered design. Cross that, as it's bit of a cliche. I would hope all designers are passionate about human-centered design; I focus on how I can empower users to understand their environment intuitively without all the extra fuss.


Supporting Educators:  teach-room

Children with special needs and disabilities are not receiving the support they need in regards to education. My app teach-room was designed to support the educators who are vital in this process and increase communication between them and parents.

Connecting Users: EA SharePlay

In a challenge done for Electronic Arts (EA) we were given the following challenge to solve in 24 hours: How might we ensure the EA App is adopted by current users? In a group of UX Designers and Web Developers we came up with EA SharePlay, a feature that would record highlights and share to your customized profile that your friends would react to! Afterwards, judges deemed our project the winner of the competition.



A Vancouver based UX Designer! Background in Cognitive Systems: gathering good insight from user research and being able to apply it to a solution.